Disabling chat in meetings organized within Teams

In Teams, by default, chat is open for participants in instant or scheduled meetings within the team. We may want to disable this. However, even if chat is set to closed in meeting policies for users, it is observed to be open in team meetings. In meetings directly scheduled on the calendar without team editing, … Read more

What is Windows 365 Boot?

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Windows 365 Boot is a feature of Windows 365, which Microsoft introduced as the “world’s first Cloud PC” last year. With Windows 365 Boot, users can directly access their Windows 365 Cloud PCs without logging into their physical devices. This enables them to securely access their personal settings, applications, and content from any device. This … Read more

Office 365 Outlook: Error 500 Something went wrong

When attempting to access Office 365 Outlook through a browser, we may encounter the error “Error 500, Something went wrong.” It has been experienced that the following solution proposal works. If the user is assigned too many roles (the Office 365 admin role), this can cause an infinite loop in the OWA (Outlook Web Access) … Read more

How to Delete Teams Live Event Recordings?

This note mentions how to delete Teams live event recordings. There are two methods of deleting live event recordings (Registration, Q&A, participant registration report). Delete by the creator of the live event Delete from teams management panel Delete by the creator of the live event In this method, the pop-up window in the calendar section … Read more

Learn a Microsoft Teams Team Link using PowerShell

How to learn Team Connectivity in Microsoft Teams using PowerShell in this note This topic has been addressed. Powershell ISE opens as an administrator because script is used primarily in this study. Teams connection is established with the powershell team module as above using the code below. Import-Module MicrosoftTeams $userCredential = Get-Credential Connect-MicrosoftTeams -Credential $userCredential … Read more

Importing records on OneDrive in Microsoft Teams

When a course or meeting is recorded in Teams, if you have an office 365 A1 (Education license type) equivalent license, that record is stored within the course for 15 days. In order for recordings to be stored indefinitely in Teams, the meeting registtor must have an Office 365 A3 (Education license type) equivalent license. So records are stored on office 365 Stream by default. It … Read more

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) – Microsoft Teams Configuration Part-2

In this article, I will briefly mention how media optimization is done on Windows Virtual Desktop. 1- Register registration The following register registration is made before teams are set up on WVD to prioritize. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Teams \ Name : IsWVDEnvironment Type : REG_DWORD Value : 1 2- Installing Microsoft Teams Here, a multi-session … Read more