Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) – Microsoft Teams Configuration Part-2

In this article, I will briefly mention how media optimization is done on Windows Virtual Desktop. 1- Register registration The following register registration is made before teams are set up on WVD to prioritize. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Teams \ Name : IsWVDEnvironment Type : REG_DWORD Value : 1 2- Installing Microsoft Teams Here, a multi-session … Read more

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) – Microsoft Teams Configuration Part-1

Windows virtual desktop users may experience audio and video secon, performance issues when they use Microsoft Teams. As a solution to this issue, Microsoft announced the General Edition of Windows Virtual Desktop (media-optimised) Microsoft Teams (GA) on July 27, 2020. Before this announcement, voice and video calls at Teams running on WVD, encoded multiple times … Read more

Problem not being able to join a meeting in Teams

Users who use Teams can also invite outside users to a meeting they organize on their team. When the user who receives an invitation to participate clicks on the participation button to the e-mail address, he/she follows the necessary instructions and participates in the meeting. When a non-organization meeting user clicks on the invitation link, … Read more