What is intrusion Prevention System ?

Intrusion Prevention System is a critical component of network security that protects devices, servers from new and existing vulnerabilities. IPS technologies examine all network traffic, including encrypted traffic, helping organizations identify malicious traffic and proactively preventing such traffic from entering their networks. You can check out the article below. Apply IPS filtering on Fortigate

Basic Network Security

Network structures have grown with the spread of the Internet. The frequency of attacks on network structures continues to increase. In order to counter these threats, it is necessary to know the literature well to provide network security. There are several common threats to networks. Viruses, worms, and Trojans – Malware or code running on … Read more

What is Brute Force Attacks ?

Brute Force Attacks are used to obtain a password or a value. It is used in many areas, especially in wireless – wired networks. Brute force attack is like trying to find a forgotten password. With the same logic, it is done by using many combinations in brute force attack.