Chat GPT alternatives

Tools like Chat GPT are referred to as “Natural Language Processing Tools” or “Natural Language Processing Artificial Intelligence Models”. These tools are artificial intelligence models with the ability to understand human language and respond in a natural way. These models are typically trained with large datasets and are used to perform tasks such as natural … Read more

What are Computer Worms?

Computer worms are malicious software that attack computer systems. Worms can be thought of as a type of virus that can copy themselves and spread rapidly across computer networks. Because worms can spread over the internet, they can infect many computers at once. Therefore, worms use computer networks to spread and often infect users’ computers … Read more

What is SAP SUIM (System User Information Management)?

SAP SUIM (System User Information Management) is also known as the user information system. It is a tool for collecting and reporting information about user profiles and authorizations in the SAP system. SUIM is used to query, report, and analyze user data. With this tool, information can be obtained about what operations users registered in … Read more

What is SAP user license?

SAP user licensing is a process that determines the number of users required by an organization to use SAP applications and which modules those users can access. SAP user licenses are usually purchased separately and come in different types. SAP licensing offers different license types for different user types and roles. Some SAP user license … Read more

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a technology field designed for computer systems and other intelligent machines to mimic or exceed some aspects of human intelligence. Artificial intelligence uses algorithms, statistical models, and other techniques to analyze complex data, learn, make decisions, and perform tasks. Types of artificial intelligence There are many different types of artificial intelligence developed … Read more

What is a Static IP? Why is it Used?

What is a Static IP? A static IP (Internet Protocol) is a fixed IP address that is pre-assigned to a network or device. This IP address can be IPv4 or IPv6. it is not borrowed by the internet service provider and the device always uses the same IP address. Why Do I Need Static IP … Read more

Most used DNS addresses

It’s important to note that the performance and reliability of DNS servers can vary depending on your location and internet service provider. Here are some of the most commonly used DNS addresses: Google DNS Google DNS is a free, public Domain Name System (DNS) service offered by Google. It is used to translate domain names … Read more

Ubuntu ssh connection refused issue

This note addresses the solution to the connection rejection issue in attempting an SSH connection to the Ubuntu server. First check if there is ssh between the allowed ports on the Ubuntu server. If the error continues to be received even though the port is open, the best solution would be to delete and reinstall … Read more

Office 365 Outlook: Error 500 Something went wrong

When attempting to access Office 365 Outlook through a browser, we may encounter the error “Error 500, Something went wrong.” It has been experienced that the following solution proposal works. If the user is assigned too many roles (the Office 365 admin role), this can cause an infinite loop in the OWA (Outlook Web Access) … Read more