Unable to access HP Aruba switch web interface / SSH

In this note, the issue of “unreachable web interface / SSH” on an HP Aruba switch is discussed.

Users experiencing this problem have reported that they can connect to the switch via Telnet or ping the switch’s IP address. Some of the possible root causes for this issue include:

  1. Web interface and SSH connections may not be enabled.
  2. Use of an unsupported browser.
  3. A management VLAN has been configured.

In my own experience with an HP Aruba 2530 switch, I observed that access restrictions occurred due to a configured management VLAN. To resolve this issue:

  • You can set a new VLAN using the management-vlan ID command.
  • Alternatively, you can disable the management VLAN using the no management-vlan command.

Source: community.arubanetworks.com

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