Fortigate: Chrome can’t open pages

In infrastructures utilizing Fortigate firewall, it has been observed that users using the Chrome browser experience difficulties accessing certain web pages. No blocked applications, websites, or SSL anomalies are observed in Fortigate logs. The same users can access the mentioned web pages when using a different browser like Firefox. In some threads opened on the … Read more

Blocking Google AMP on FortiGate

What is Google AMP? Google AMP is an open-source technology utilized to create web pages that load almost instantly on mobile devices. Issue on FortiGate It has been observed that the web filter rules applied on FortiGate do not take effect on sites utilizing Google AMP technology on mobile devices. Resolution Steps: To address this … Read more

FortiClient VPN connection issue

In this note, users may be experiencing FortiClient VPN connection issues at the following percentages. This note provides the following solutions and tips to address the issue. Percentage and possible problem: Possible problems and percentages: If there is no percentage and no errors occur You can get information about the cause of the issue by … Read more

Enabling SNMP on Fortinet

Enabling SNMP on Fortinet This article discusses SNMP activation on Fortinet. SNMP is also enabled on the Network –> Interfaces menu on fortinet. In the second stage, SNMP Agent is activated in the System –> SNMP menu. A record is created to set the requirements based on the type of SNMP v1/v2c you will use. … Read more

Apply IPS filtering on Fortigate

Fortigate also create a valid firewall policy to apply its IPS (What is intrusion Prevention System ?) filter, from Wan to Clinet or Wan, and in rules such as Server, the Security Profiles section also processs with defult settings. Since defult settings have over 7000 (constantly updated) IPS signatures, it would be a better decision … Read more

Fortigate SSL Certificate Issue

Fortinet users were affected globally due to a problem with a root certification authority’s (ISRG Root X1) certificate chain, and users encountered the problem as follows.           The following steps can be applied as a workaround to this problem. Because this solution will create a security vulnerability, the system update that … Read more

FORTIGATE – IPSEC VPN Configuration between Mikrotik Part -4

Fortigate – Adjustments made on the Microtic side during the final stage of IPSEC VPN configuration between Mikrotik consist of NAT and IPSEC sections. Nat creation first Ip -> FIREWALL -> Nat tab creates a new rule and determines the source and destination address blocks with the srcnat option.   The IPSEC phase completes in 3 steps; In Phase 2, the IP -> IPSEC ->Peer tab enters the WAN ip address … Read more

Fortigate – IPSEC VPN Configuration between Mikrotik Part -3

This section will also talk about creating rules in the IPV4 Policy section under the Policy & Objects menu in Fortigate and creating a destination route under Static Route under the Network menu. In the next part -4 the settings to be made on the Mikrotik side will be discussed.

FORTIGATE – IPSEC VPN Configuration between Mikrotik Part -2

I shared the steps we’d follow in my previous section-1 note. The Section-2 note mentions vpn tunnel settings on the Fortigate side. First of all, under the VPN menu, in the IPsec Tunnels section, we create Tunnel with costom option using wizard. After tunnele gave a name 1- We write the ip address of the Mikrotik Outer leg to the IP address section where we will make … Read more

FORTIGATE – IPSEC VPN Configuration between Mikrotik Part -1

My notes on IPSEC VPN configuration between Fortigate and Mikrotik devices. First of all, when we look at the adjustment to be made on the Fortigate side; Tunnel creation in the IPsec Tunnels section under the VPN menu. Creating rules in the IPV4 Policy section under the Policy & Objects menu. Creating a destination route under static route in the Network menu. When we look at the … Read more