How to Fix Robot Vacuum Sensor Errors

Robot vacuums are becoming increasingly popular devices for automating home cleaning. However, these devices can also malfunction, and sensor errors are a common problem. In the event of a sensor error, the robot vacuum may bump into obstacles, enter unwanted areas, or fail to complete cleaning. There are many possible causes of a robot vacuum … Read more

How to Configure Windows Server NTP

How to Configure Windows Server NTP The correct server time is important for many applications and services. One of these services is domain controllers. It is important for computers running in a domain to have the correct time set. Otherwise, critical Active Directory services that require authentication, such as Kerberos, may experience serious problems. Time … Read more

How to Ping a Computer?

Ping is a network utility used to test the presence and quality of a connection to a server or a device with a specific IP address. A ping packet is a small data packet sent to the target computer and returned. The round-trip time of a ping packet reaching the target and coming back can … Read more

Blocking Google AMP on FortiGate

What is Google AMP? Google AMP is an open-source technology utilized to create web pages that load almost instantly on mobile devices. Issue on FortiGate It has been observed that the web filter rules applied on FortiGate do not take effect on sites utilizing Google AMP technology on mobile devices. Resolution Steps: To address this … Read more

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Sensor Error: How to Fix It?

Xiaomi robot vacuums can efficiently clean your home thanks to their advanced sensors. However, these sensors can sometimes malfunction, leading to sensor errors. Sensor errors can cause issues such as the robot vacuum being unable to avoid obstacles, going in the wrong direction, or failing to clean properly. To fix Xiaomi robot vacuum sensor errors, … Read more