Ubuntu ssh connection refused issue

This note addresses the solution to the connection rejection issue in attempting an SSH connection to the Ubuntu server. First check if there is ssh between the allowed ports on the Ubuntu server. If the error continues to be received even though the port is open, the best solution would be to delete and reinstall … Read more

How to edit the host file?

On Windows and linux operating systems, the host file is organized as follows. Editing on Windows In the path “C:Windows\System32\drivers\etc“, the file “hosts” is opened with notepad. Example to the bottom line: “ domain.com” is added in the format the file is saved. During recording, the file will not allow direct operation on the same … Read more

Changing the default program on Ubuntu / Lubuntu

The following method can be applied to change default programs on Ubuntu / Lubuntu. For example, when we want to open PDF files with a different application, firstly, when we right click on a PDF file and select the option to open with, other applications option is selected. Then, the application we want to use … Read more