How to Configure Windows Server NTP

How to Configure Windows Server NTP The correct server time is important for many applications and services. One of these services is domain controllers. It is important for computers running in a domain to have the correct time set. Otherwise, critical Active Directory services that require authentication, such as Kerberos, may experience serious problems. Time … Read more

Most used DNS addresses

It’s important to note that the performance and reliability of DNS servers can vary depending on your location and internet service provider. Here are some of the most commonly used DNS addresses: Google DNS Google DNS is a free, public Domain Name System (DNS) service offered by Google. It is used to translate domain names … Read more

Windows Server 2022 activation error

When attempting to activate the operating system running on Windows server 2022 Evaluation edition to Windows Server 2022 Standard edition, the following error may be encountered. Error: 0xC004F069 On a computer running Microsoft Windows non-core edition, run ‘slui.exe 0x2a 0xC004F069’ to display the error text. To solve the problem, it has been observed that when … Read more

Remote APP publish error: “”You must specify a file from the RD Session Host server xxx by using the UNC path””

We determine the software that we will publish after the remote APP service installation. at this point an error may occur when you want to identify a remotely run application that is not installed on the server as follows. Select RemoteApp programs You must specify a file from the RD Session Host server server.domain.LOCAL by … Read more

Windows Server 2016 Activation Problem

During Windows Server 2016 activation, 0xc004f074 or even code may be encountered. When the switching option also does not work, the following steps are followed to resolve the issue. 1- Slui 3 is written on the search bar. 2- Product key entry window opens. 3-The problem is solved by entering the product key.

Active Directory replication error

Active Directory replication error -2146893022 or The Target Principal Name is incorrect error. Inconsistencies between the PDC (Primary Domain Controller) and the ADC (Additional Domain Controller) are seen due to replication issues. Error hints such as the above may appear regarding replication problem with the repadmin /replsummary command. One of the solutions to this error … Read more

Configuring NTP Server in Windows Server

The following method can be applied to configure an NTP server on a Windows server with primary domain controller (PDC). Configuration via command prompt net stop w32time w32tm / config / / syncfromflags: MANUAL ( is preferred here) net start w32time Finally, let’s check out the change. It is seen that the change is reflected … Read more