Active Directory replication error

Active Directory replication error -2146893022 or The Target Principal Name is incorrect error.

Inconsistencies between the PDC (Primary Domain Controller) and the ADC (Additional Domain Controller) are seen due to replication issues. Error hints such as the above may appear regarding replication problem with the repadmin /replsummary command.

One of the solutions to this error is as follows.

First let’s find the DC that has the PDC role, for which the following command is run.

netdom query fsmo

On the DC where the error occurred

1- Key distribution center service is stopped and disabled.

2-Server restarts.

3-The following command runs on server.

netdom resetpwd /server: server_name /userd: domain_name \administrator /passwordd: administrator_password

4-Server restarts and the Key distribution center service is restarted.

Finally we can run the run to check the replication statuses.

Repadmin /showreps


Source: Microsoft

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