FORTIGATE – IPSEC VPN Configuration between Mikrotik Part -4

Fortigate – Adjustments made on the Microtic side during the final stage of IPSEC VPN configuration between Mikrotik consist of NAT and IPSEC sections. Nat creation first Ip -> FIREWALL -> Nat tab creates a new rule and determines the source and destination address blocks with the srcnat option.   The IPSEC phase completes in 3 steps; In Phase 2, the IP -> IPSEC ->Peer tab enters the WAN ip address … Read more

Fortigate – IPSEC VPN Configuration between Mikrotik Part -3

This section will also talk about creating rules in the IPV4 Policy section under the Policy & Objects menu in Fortigate and creating a destination route under Static Route under the Network menu. In the next part -4 the settings to be made on the Mikrotik side will be discussed.

FORTIGATE – IPSEC VPN Configuration between Mikrotik Part -2

I shared the steps we’d follow in my previous section-1 note. The Section-2 note mentions vpn tunnel settings on the Fortigate side. First of all, under the VPN menu, in the IPsec Tunnels section, we create Tunnel with costom option using wizard. After tunnele gave a name 1- We write the ip address of the Mikrotik Outer leg to the IP address section where we will make … Read more

FORTIGATE – IPSEC VPN Configuration between Mikrotik Part -1

My notes on IPSEC VPN configuration between Fortigate and Mikrotik devices. First of all, when we look at the adjustment to be made on the Fortigate side; Tunnel creation in the IPsec Tunnels section under the VPN menu. Creating rules in the IPV4 Policy section under the Policy & Objects menu. Creating a destination route under static route in the Network menu. When we look at the … Read more