FORTIGATE – IPSEC VPN Configuration between Mikrotik Part -2

I shared the steps we’d follow in my previous section-1 note. The Section-2 note mentions vpn tunnel settings on the Fortigate side.

First of all, under the VPN menu, in the IPsec Tunnels section, we create Tunnel with costom option using wizard.

After tunnele gave a name

1- We write the ip address of the Mikrotik Outer leg to the IP address section where we will make a VPN, we select the WAN on the interface forehead where the VPN will work. We set a Pre-shared Key in the Authentication field. We’ll use this key on the Mikrotik side as well.

2- After determining pre-shared key in theAuthentication field, we determine the phase 1 authentication method. We will also adjust the method on the Mikrotik side as follows.

When we move to phase 3-2 authentication, we determine the subnets to be communicated in local address (Fortinet) and remote address (Microtic).

Then we determine the phase 2 authentication method

In Part -3 list will be completed by Fortigate with the following steps.

  • Creating rules in the IPV4 Policy section under the Policy & Objects menu.
  • Creating a destination route under static route in the Network menu.
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