Disabling chat in meetings organized within Teams

In Teams, by default, chat is open for participants in instant or scheduled meetings within the team. We may want to disable this. However, even if chat is set to closed in meeting policies for users, it is observed to be open in team meetings. In meetings directly scheduled on the calendar without team editing, the policy becomes active, and chat is closed.

Disabling chat in meetings within the team
To achieve this, it is necessary to create a channel within the team, excluding the General channel. After creating the channel, navigate to channel settings and open “Channel Management.”

The option “Allow members to reply to channel messages” must be turned off. Although this setting may initially show chat functionality as still open in meetings, a user without permission will not have their message delivered when attempting to send a message within the chat.

If there hasn’t been an update in Teams regarding this matter, the current state has been reported as described.

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