Problem not being able to join a meeting in Teams

Users who use Teams can also invite outside users to a meeting they organize on their team. When the user who receives an invitation to participate clicks on the participation button to the e-mail address, he/she follows the necessary instructions and participates in the meeting.

When a non-organization meeting user clicks on the invitation link, they may receive an alert on the teams app or the web, as follows.

This meeting doesn’t allow guest. Pleas contac organiser.”


In this case, if the invitee did not delete the user who was experiencing the problem from the team, this problem can be overcome by the following method.

  • The invitation link is copied first.
  • A hidden window opens on the browser used. You can review this article.
  • The invitation link is pasted and the use app over the web option is continued.

Finally, in the login window, the email address from which the invitation e-mail came in is entered, you can reset the password with the forgot password option if you have not already set your password.

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