Free up pc space with Onedrive

Free up pc space with Onedrive

Microsoft onedrive is one of the practical solutions we can use to free up space when there is no space on our computer.

When we open our Onedrive folder, files with green icons are files that are stored both on our computer and in the cloud and occupy space on our computer. If we right-click on these files and click “Free up space”, it will delete the copy kept on the computer, it will only take its side in the cloud environment. When the computer side is deleted, the green word returns to the blue cloud icon.

That way, our computer will be made available. When we click on the folder with the blue cloud icon, the files in it appear as images on our computer, and when we click on any of them, only the corresponding file lands on our computer and opens.

Meanings of icons

OneDrive yerel olarak kullanılabilir dosyası

The corresponding folder/file is a two-way synchronization.

OneDrive çevrimiçi dosya simgesi

Folder/file only being kept in the cloud means that it has not yet landed on your computer. When you click, the file you will be working on starts to land.

OneDrive dosya paylaşılan simgesi

It means you’re sharing your file with someone else. To stop sharing or to share new, you’ll need to enter it in the onedrive section in the area.

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