What is SAP SUIM (System User Information Management)?

SAP SUIM (System User Information Management) is also known as the user information system. It is a tool for collecting and reporting information about user profiles and authorizations in the SAP system. SUIM is used to query, report, and analyze user data. With this tool, information can be obtained about what operations users registered in … Read more

What is SAP user license?

SAP user licensing is a process that determines the number of users required by an organization to use SAP applications and which modules those users can access. SAP user licenses are usually purchased separately and come in different types. SAP licensing offers different license types for different user types and roles. Some SAP user license … Read more

SAP SU10: User Mass Maintenance

SU10 is a transaction code in the SAP system, which is used for user administration and management. It allows authorized users to make mass changes to multiple user accounts simultaneously, such as resetting passwords, assigning or removing authorizations, updating user information, etc. SU10 helps administrators to streamline the user management process and maintain system security … Read more

error “no stb connection”

If you receive a “no stb connect” error when running the Air Sync Remote Z application on your phone; First of all, your phone’s language should be English. It has been observed that when the language is made in English, the problem is solved. If this does not solve it, your device and phone must … Read more

Authorization problem detection in SAP

In SAP, users can get stuck in an authorization issue on a screen where they want to make transactions. In order to give authority, it is necessary to first determine which role it is attached to. This will go to the SU53 screen with the user account that is experiencing the authorization problem. The role … Read more

Creative Cloud does not install

If Creative Cloud remains on the loading screen, the following solution suggestion may help. The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable application is removed from Add Program. It will be reinstalled. You can download it here Creative Cloud is then uninstalled. It will be reinstalled. If it remains on the loading screen again after installation, the app … Read more

List user groups in SAP

The SE16N transaction code is used to list user groups. On the screen that opens, USGRPT (user group table) is entered in the table section to list the groups and the online button is clicked. Which users are in which group? In order to get this information, an inquiry can be made by typing USGRP_USER … Read more

Create roles in SAP

To create an SAP role, you first switch to the role maintenance screen with the PFCG process code. The role to be created is given a name. This name must begin with the letter Z or Y. After giving a name to the role we are going to create, click on the Individual role (Mnf.rol) … Read more

To-do list before shutting down sap system

My notes on what to do before shutting down/restarting SAP systems. 1- Making an announcement for users to log off SAP sessions. Or we can send a POP UP message to the front of the SAP system users. For this, the following action is taken. SM02 transaction code is entered in the “system messages” section … Read more

Google Chrome incognito window

What is a Google Chrome incognito window? Chrome Incognito window ensures that internet history is not recorded on mobile or desktop devices. It is also widely used to circumvent cache “Cache” problems experienced on web pages. The following operations are not recorded when the hidden window opens. -Your browsing history -Cookies and site data -Information … Read more