To-do list before shutting down sap system

My notes on what to do before shutting down/restarting SAP systems.

1- Making an announcement for users to log off SAP sessions. Or we can send a POP UP message to the front of the SAP system users. For this, the following action is taken.

SM02 transaction code is entered in the “system messages” section and the message is planned to be sent from the field below.


2-Before shutting down the system, the system is checked by the logged-on reed user. For this purpose, users who are logged on to the system are checked with the SM04 transaction code. By allowing these users to exit the system, any data loss is prevented.

3- Previously defined jops are checked for working. This is done in a controlled manner with the SM34 trading code. Running jops are expected to run out.

4- Finally, the SM66 transaction code checks for transactions running throughout the system.

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