Authorization problem detection in SAP

In SAP, users can get stuck in an authorization issue on a screen where they want to make transactions. In order to give authority, it is necessary to first determine which role it is attached to. This will go to the SU53 screen with the user account that is experiencing the authorization problem. The role that causes the authorization problem can be determined, for example, if the problem is the problem accessing the SU01 screen, the S-CODE error will appear on the SU53 screen.

At the same time, the system administrator can access the SU53 screen with his own account and then type the user account, which role the user is attached to.

After the tray is made, the system goes to the PFCG screen with the authorized user account, selects the current assigned role of the user experiencing the problem, and in our example, we think that we are S-CODE authorized, and SU01 is added to the operations section under the menu to solve it and the assignment process is done. Then, operations are performed on the authorization tab to register the authorization roles in the profile.

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