The historical development process of augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR)  first’re at Harvard University in 1960 from Ivan Sutherland, Picture -1 “virtuality gerçeklik- plane” has revealed the so-called representation.

Picture -1

Later, in 1968, Sutherland and his student Bob Sproull invented the augmented reality device called “Sword of Damocles” “The Sword of the Democles.” .

Picture -2

In a comprehensive study about augmented reality , Kshino and Milgram did not recognize the augmented reality in the middle of the process they call reality and virtuality in Picture -3, and revealed the formation process of augmented reality in practical environments.

Picture -3

As in many areas of technology, the needs in the education and military field have made a significant contribution to the development of augmented reality technology. In 1993, Loral WDL defense company made a presentation of manned simulations using the first augmented reality-equipped devices for the US military. In 1998, 3D augmented reality technology was developed by the University of North Carolina. With the development of the first smartphone by IBM and Bellsouth in 1992, the introduction of GPS-enabled mobile phones in 1999, the integration of wireless networks and cameras into mobile phones, the development and use of augmented reality applications on mobile devices gained speed. In 2012, Google introduced the glasses called Glass (Picture -5).

Picture 4 – 5


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