What are virtual and augmented reality?

Looking at the word meanings of the concepts of virtual and augmented; The word “virtual” means “conceptual, hypothetical, guesswork, which has no place in reality but is designed in the mind. The word “to increase” has been specified as “to increase, to increase”.   Virtual reality (VR) is created with three-dimensional computer technologies, where people can … Read more

The difference between virtual and augmented reality

Virtual (AR) and augmented reality (VR) concepts can be confused with each other. We can list the main differences between the two technologies as follows. While virtual reality gives its user an experience completely isolated from real life, augmented reality provides an experience to the user without losing contact with the world. While continuing to … Read more

The historical development process of virtual reality

Virtual reality the development of technology It goes back to the three-dimensional studies made in the 19th century. In this period, the idea of ​​making a two-dimensional picture or figure three-dimensional arose the concept of “stereo”. The first stereo imager “Stereoscope” was invented by Charles Wheatstone. (Figure-1) Figure 1 David Brewster (1850) developed the box-shaped stereoscope. Coleman Sellers … Read more

Usage areas of virtual reality technology in education

In this article, I tried to examine the usage areas of virtual reality technology in education. In my literature review, I observed that it was used in 10 different areas. Enjoyable readings… Virtual Reality in Special Education Virtual reality technology plays an important role in the education of disabled people. It is especially used in the education of … Read more