SAP HR transaction codes

In this article, the SAP HR module transaction codes (SAP T-Code) are shared as follows. You can refer to this article for the most used transaction codes in SAP FI / CO modules.

In addition, there are some operations that will allow you to work more practically with SAP transaction commands. For this, you can review this article.

PA10 Staff file
PA20 Staff master data view
PA30 Maintain staff master data
PA40 Staff operations sequence
PA41 Employment / Dismissal Change Date
PA42 Sequence Quick Entry
PA51 Time data display
PA53 Time data display
PA61 Time data maintenance
PA62 Additional data list entry
PA63 Time data maintenance
PA64 Calendar entry
PA70 Quick introduction
PA71 Time data quick entry
PA97 Payments management – matrix
PA98 Payments management
PA99 Payments management – confirm
PAR1 Flexible employee data
PAR2 Employees list
PB60 Maintenance of application procedures
PB80 Reporting of vacancies
PBA0 Ad reporting
List of PBA1 applicants
PBA2 Reference list
PBA3 Applicant-vacant position assignment list
PBA4 Application entry
PBAB Vacant position assignment maintenance
PB10 First application master data entry
PB20 Application master data view
PB30 Application master data maintenance
PB40 Reference process sequence
PB50 Viewing application processes
PE00 Starts PE01, PE02, PE03 processes
PE01 HR: Personnel calculation charts maintenance
PE02 HR: Personnel calculation rules maintenance
PE03 HR: Characteristics
PE04 Create functions and processes
PE51 HR form editor
PM01 Improve Information Types
PO03 Job maintenance
PO10 Organizational unit maintenance
PO13 Position maintenance

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