40 most used transaction codes in SAP

The 40 most commonly used transaction codes (SAP T-Code)  in FI / CO modules in SAP ECC are listed as follows.

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Operation code Process Description Application Component Application Description
1 FBL1N Vendor Line Items FI-GL-IS Information system
2 ME21N Create a Purchase Order MM-PUR Buy
3 ME23N View Purchase Order MM-PUR Buy
4 FBL5N Customer Line Items FI-GL-IS Information system
5 VA02 Change Sales Order SD-SLS Sales
6 FBL3N G / L account items FI-GL-IS Information system
7 VA01 Create a Sales Order SD-SLS Sales
8 F110 Automatic Payment Parameters BE Financial Accounting
9 FS10N Balance Screen BE Financial Accounting
10 FB01 Send Document BE Financial Accounting
11 KSB1 Cost Centers: Actual Line Items CO Control
12 MIRO Enter Invoice MM-IV Invoice verification
13 FB1S Clear general ledger account FI-GL General Registry account
14 ME22N Change Purchase Order MM-PUR Buy
15 MB51 Material Certificate List MM-IM Inventory management
16 ME2L Purchase Orders by Seller MM-PUR Buy
17 MD04 View Stock / Requirement Status PP-MRP-BD Master data
18 VA03 View Sales Order SD-SLS Sales
19 MM03 Screen Material and LO-MD-MM Material master
20 FB05 Send with Clearing BE Financial Accounting
21 VF01 Create Invoice Document SD-BIL Invoice
22 MMBE Stock Overview LO-MD-MM Material master
23 F-03 Clear general ledger account BE Financial Accounting
24 MM02 Change Material & LO-MD-MM Material master
25 MIGO Goods movement MM-IM Inventory management
26 FB60 Enter Incoming Invoices FI-GL-GL Basic functions
27 MM01 Create Material and LO-MD-MM Material master
28 AW01N Asset Explorer FI-AA-AA Basic functions
29 XD02 Change Customer (Centrally) FI-AR-AR Basic functions
30 VF02 Change Invoice Document SD-BIL Invoice
31 VF03 View Invoice Document SD-BIL Invoice
32 XK03 View vendor (centrally) FI-AP-AP Basic functions
33 F-44 Clear Seller BE Financial Accounting
34 XK02 Change vendor (centrally) FI-AP-AP Basic functions
35 FB02 Change Document BE Financial Accounting
36 FK03 View Vendor (Accounting) BE Financial Accounting
37 MIR4 Call MIRO – Change Status MM-IV Invoice verification
38 F-02 Enter the general ledger account record BE Financial Accounting
39 FBZ0 View / Edit Payment Proposal BE Financial Accounting
40 MB52 Warehouse Stocks List MM-IM Inventory management
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