Popular Applications for Performing RAM Tests

RAM, a type of memory in a computer, provides temporary storage space for the operating system, programs, and data. The performance of RAM can significantly affect a computer’s overall performance. Therefore, it is important to regularly test the performance of your RAM. RAM tests are designed to measure the speed, accuracy, and stability of your … Read more

Basic Cisco Switch VLAN Configuration

My notes on VLAN configuration on Cisco switches. Creating VLANs on a Cisco Switch Commands used to create two VLANs, name them, and assign ports to these VLANs: First, enter device configuration mode. Let’s create two VLANs named VLAN 5 and 10. Now, let’s assign names to the VLANs we’ve created. Let’s check the VLANs … Read more

Create an SAP user group

With the SUGR process code, you get to the User groups maintenance screen. A user group is created by entering the group name to be created on the incoming screen. The created group is performed user membership operations by clicking on the pencil icon from the same screen. You can review this article to see … Read more

What is the SNMP protocol?

What is the SNMP protocol? The SNMP protocol stands for Simple Network Management Protocol. Software and hardware information (processor and outdoor temperature, device shutdown / restart, fan status, etc.b) can be obtained through monitoring applications through devices that support the SMNP protocol.