How to block malware ?

There are several methods that can be used to block malware:

  1. Anti-virus software: This software scans files that are downloaded to your computer or files on websites you visit and neutralizes any malware it finds.
  2. Updates: Keeping your software and operating system up to date can help prevent malware from entering your system.
  3. Firewall: A firewall controls incoming requests to your computer or network, and can block malware from entering your system.
  4. Email filtering: Email filtering can detect and block spam and phishing emails.
  5. Web filtering: Web filtering can block access to malicious websites and prevent users from accessing harmful information.
  6. Sandboxing: Sandboxing is a method that uses to limit the effects of malware and protect your system. This method runs the application in a separate virtual environment and does not affect your real system.
  7. Whitelisting : Whitelisting is a security practice where only authorized software is allowed to run on a system, this way you can prevent unknown software from running on your system.

These methods may not be sufficient on their own, but when combined they can provide significant protection for your system. Additionally, it is important to continuously monitor your network and system for updates and patches to help prevent malware from entering your system.

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